Best Of – Healthy Eating

I watched a few food documentaries and freaked the fuck out. Animal cruelty, Monsanto corporate greed and brainwashery, genetically modified science experiments, barely distinguishable nutrients, semi-food food… It’s pretty disgusting. And as a person that occasionally struggles with sickness, I had to wonder how this crap is effecting my immune system. I decided to take a food challenge. 50% or more of my daily food intake was fruits and vegetables and as much raw as possible. Smoothies, salads, soups and sautéed veggies filled my day. It was a real eye-opener. A really delicious eye opener. I had more energy and felt generally healthier.

At the time, I lived in SE Portland. I was ordering weekly fruit and veggie deliveries from Organics To You. They have a huge box of fruits and veggies delivered right to your door for $27. I wound up moving outside the delivery area and cancelled it, but now I’m back! So, for Best Of Month, I started it up again. And with the help of a borrowed juicer, enjoyed a new way of getting nutrient rich, healthy food. Now that I’ve had access to a juicer, I can’t imagine life without it. It’s so easy and tasty and good for you. I see a juicing month in my future…



International Cuisine – French Day

Now, a few of you might argue that International Cuisine month should be all about me learning how to cook international cuisine.  Well, today I just felt like sitting outside a cafe, riding bikes, enjoying the stillness, and musing about the world… how French is that?  A-huhn-huhn-huhn (that’s how you spell a French laugh.)

Rode my French mixtie Roux down to Belmont.  It’s a beautiful fall day where the leaves are turning, the sun is out, and the weather is just starting to turn.

riding bikes


I decide to finally try Suzette, a Creperie with some outdoor seating that makes for some good people watching.  I had a delicious salad, coffee, and crepe filled with harissa, goat cheese, spinach, and salmon.  It was a beautiful meal and even more beautiful day.

photo 3 (10) photo 2 (9)

Week 1 Recap

So, most of my bills are the same every month.  The one thing I’m really focused on controlling is food and beverages.  Here’s the breakdown of what I spent in Week 1:

Drinks and a burger at Bar Bar – $25

Grocery purchase – $20.51 (bananas, creamer, toilet paper, eggs, turkey)

Then, I returned a pair of jeans I bought last month – $49.99

So, one week in, and I made $4.48!  I am so good at this!

Take a Closer Look

Okay, so first thing is first.  What do I usually spend?  What did I spend last month?  What’s a good target?  Good thing I use my debit card everywhere and can track how much I usually spend on everyday things.  Time to sit down and figure this stuff out.

Holy shitballs! I went to concerts, got lunch out at work, got coffee a couple times a week, shopped very promiscuously at Whole Foods, enjoyed happy hour a several times a week, and spent a total of $942.63 on food, drinks and entertainment last month.  WHAT!?! This is going to be a good place to start Budgeting Month.  I am going to put myself on a goal of $200 for the whole month of April for groceries and going out.  It will be a lot easier because my fridge and pantry are already filled with tons of crap I haven’t even looked at since I bought it.