In Retrospect of Yoga Month

Alright, alright, alright.  As per usual, I did not get to complete even remotely as much as I wanted to.  AND, getting right back into a monthly focus has got me instantly busy again.  With this months’ focus and new adventures in general.  Here’s the breakdown of my meager accomplishments: did yoga anywhere from two to four times per week, took classes at my neighborhood gym (which was surprisingly good,) and did yoga at home.  So, now you’re asking: Why no yoga hike?  Why no hot yoga?  These are good questions.  And ones I can’t really answer. Thirty days is just not enough anymore to complete everything I want.

I bought the Groupon for Bikram Yoga, which I fully intend on using very soon and on my next weekend day off I am totally going on the yoga hike.  Which leads me to this very predicament.  I like doing yoga.  I like baking, and running, and working out, and writing, and community service, and I just can’t stop doing anything.  There is so much carry over that it leaves very little time to add something new.  But this is okay.  This is actually what I love about this project.  I was worried I didn’t know what I really wanted to do, but now I don’t now what I *don’t* want to do.  I’m enjoying everything so much, which is pretty much my outlook on life in general right now.

So, what’s next ?  ?  ?

June 25

Last week of the month! Wahoo! Except I feel like there’s still a ton that I want to do. I only had two weekend days off this month so didn’t get a chance to do hiking yoga, which is only on Saturdays and Sundays.  I still haven’t taken a class anywhere but the gym. This month is totally flying by.

Went to an afternoon class at the gym. There were people much better than I in the class and it was inspiring. The teacher gave 5 minutes of freestyle time (which I was completely unsure what to do with and just wound up stretching) and people next to me were standing on their head for the entire time. It looked awesome but luckily I didn’t attempt it.

June 23

Did the first 20 minutes of the yoga video on Netflix Watch Instantly. Why is it so much harder to do yoga at my own house? After 20 minutes I was sweaty and out of breath. It was really lame and I felt even worse for only doing it twice this week. I really don’t like the video and maybe that’s why I can’t ever finish it. Maybe I’ll try to do my own routine with what I’ve learned.

June 16

Went to Monmouth for Katie’s graduation from Western. It was my first time through Independence and I found it to be an adorable town filled with little coffee shops and antique stores. It definitely deserves another trip. The graduation itself was nice, long and hot. People aren’t meant to spend three hours in the blazing sun wearing polyester dresses.

After graduation, we went to a barbecue party. I had an amazing gluten and dairy filled cheeseburger that was totally worth it. My allergies were acting nutty and I could not stop sneezing so I had to duck out early.

No yoga today but I definitely sweat a bunch

June 14

Well, I got up early today to watch a yoga video on Netflix. It’s broken down into 5 10 minute intervals with increasing difficulty. I only got through one. My arms and back and thighs are so sore from class yesterday that I can’t do anymore than 10 minutes. Yikes!

June 13

Took several days off of yoga.  This weekend was really tiring.  I had some terrible allergies and didn’t have any extra energy.  Went to a yoga class at the gym today.  It was still very very tough, but I can feel it getting easier.  I can feel my muscles getting stronger and more flexible.

Had another doctors appointment today and got cleared for grass and NW allergens.  If this takes, I could never have seasonal allergies again.  Win.  I’ll keep ya posted.