August 21 – Racquetball

Yay!  My first real random sports experience!  I’ve played racquetball a few times, but didn’t really understand the rules and didn’t really like it.  I played tennis a bit when I was younger, but always thought racquetball seemed like a lot of fun.

I got a friend who is very good at it to show me how, teach me the rules, and give me pointers.  After driving to a gym that didn’t have a racquetball court (whoopsie,) we finally found an appropriately amenity-equipped one and rented it for an hour and half.  It was so fun, we played for almost a full two hours.  I started getting better and it was just getting fun.  It is such a phenomenal workout and I was sweaty and smiling at the end.

June 25

Last week of the month! Wahoo! Except I feel like there’s still a ton that I want to do. I only had two weekend days off this month so didn’t get a chance to do hiking yoga, which is only on Saturdays and Sundays.  I still haven’t taken a class anywhere but the gym. This month is totally flying by.

Went to an afternoon class at the gym. There were people much better than I in the class and it was inspiring. The teacher gave 5 minutes of freestyle time (which I was completely unsure what to do with and just wound up stretching) and people next to me were standing on their head for the entire time. It looked awesome but luckily I didn’t attempt it.

June 13

Took several days off of yoga.  This weekend was really tiring.  I had some terrible allergies and didn’t have any extra energy.  Went to a yoga class at the gym today.  It was still very very tough, but I can feel it getting easier.  I can feel my muscles getting stronger and more flexible.

Had another doctors appointment today and got cleared for grass and NW allergens.  If this takes, I could never have seasonal allergies again.  Win.  I’ll keep ya posted.

June 7

Had a doctor appointment to follow up on my allergy testing.  I am doing so good, they are letting me add things back into my diet.  I can now have soy and some dairy and they have cleared my allergies of chocolate and eggs.

Afterwards, I had just enough time to make it to the downtown gym for a 12:30 yoga class.  It was crazy full when I got there and had to lay out my mat in the very front.  I couldn’t see the yogi and was a little bit behind.  My right leg started to hurt at my hip and I couldn’t sustain poses where it held all my weight.  It was definitely not my best class.

Spent the afternoon at the zoo with my favorite girl, Zooey.  She had spinal surgery 10 days before to remove a tumor on her spine but she running around and all smiles.  Miraculously, the doctors believe they got all of it and there is a huge chance that she is cancer free!  She was a bit tired, though, so I carried her for the majority of the time.  I’m a little out of practice carrying children and my arms and feet were sore by the end.

June 4

Went to another yoga class at the gym.  It was from 10:30-11:30 and gave me just enough time to get ready for work at 1.  It was a class that focused primarily on hips and thighs.  We held each pose for several minutes at a time.  It was really tough and I was a bit sore afterward.

June 1st

Went to my first class during yoga month at the gym by my new apartment.  It is an amazing gym… racquetball courts, punching bags, pool, tons of machines.  Totally awesome.  The class was at noon on a Friday, which is generally referred to as lunchtime yoga.  The room was small and muggy and about 15 people were in the class.  It was really easy to follow and I didn’t have to take many breaks.  It was an amazing workout because my shoulders, back, stomach, and thighs were burning and sore the next day.