August 24 – Shooting Range

Shooting a gun was on my OG list of things I wanted to do, so I am *so* glad I got to do it this month.  I took my very dear friend, Burris, who is also extremely into guns.  Coincidence?  We went to the Beavercreek Armory in Hillsboro and they were phenomenal from the very beginning.  We watched an informative video and took a short quiz and ordered our gear… okay, well Burris ordered our gear.

He said I could practice on a .22 but I should at least try to shoot a 9 millimeter.  He ordered a total of 8 boxes of ammo and several targets.  We rented the two guns and one lane to share.

We put on the fashionable eye and ear protection and get to our lane.  Burris shows me even more safety techniques and shoots a few times to let me see the process.  This is the first time I realize that I have never even been this close to an actual shooting firearm.  I am a little nervous and hesitant to hold this extremely powerful and deadly weapon.  I started off with the .22 and Burris and I took turns shooting and reloading.

Then, he let me unload an entire box of ammo (about 50) into my own target to see how I was doing.  Every single shot made it onto the target and the majority made it into the inner circle.  I told my mom all that time playing Duck Hunt would pay off someday.

So, then I moved on to the 9 millimeter.  A Glock.  Admittedly, I feel a little bit like Scully right now.  The kick on this weapon made me audibly squeal, and then laugh out loud.  It was extremely surprising, but awesome.

By the end of the two hours, my hands were sore from controlling the weapons and my fingers were raw from reloading the clips.  But I learned so much and feel like I could handle a weapon safely, even though I don’t think I’ll ever own one.  Ever.

Also, I think I need to say again how awesome the people at Beavercreek Armory were.  They made my first experience incredibly awesome and if you want to shootemup, go see them.

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August 23rd – Beer Pong?

Okay, so maybe Beer Pong is a sport.  And maybe I played it for a little while.  But I definitely don’t remember it.  The problem with drinking games is if you are not very good at them in the beginning, there is absolutely no learning curve.  Which means, if you start to play and suck, you are just going to get drunkier and drunkier until you don’t remember what you were doing.  So, before I played Beer Pong, I partook in some classic party-style Jenga with important tasks to complete after every brick you pull (including but not limited to, switching shirts with the player to your left and arm-wrestling anyone of your choosing.)  Needless to say, by the time beer pong rolled around… I wasn’t paying attention anymore.

I love barbecues.


August 21 – Racquetball

Yay!  My first real random sports experience!  I’ve played racquetball a few times, but didn’t really understand the rules and didn’t really like it.  I played tennis a bit when I was younger, but always thought racquetball seemed like a lot of fun.

I got a friend who is very good at it to show me how, teach me the rules, and give me pointers.  After driving to a gym that didn’t have a racquetball court (whoopsie,) we finally found an appropriately amenity-equipped one and rented it for an hour and half.  It was so fun, we played for almost a full two hours.  I started getting better and it was just getting fun.  It is such a phenomenal workout and I was sweaty and smiling at the end.