In Retrospect of Yoga Month

Alright, alright, alright.  As per usual, I did not get to complete even remotely as much as I wanted to.  AND, getting right back into a monthly focus has got me instantly busy again.  With this months’ focus and new adventures in general.  Here’s the breakdown of my meager accomplishments: did yoga anywhere from two to four times per week, took classes at my neighborhood gym (which was surprisingly good,) and did yoga at home.  So, now you’re asking: Why no yoga hike?  Why no hot yoga?  These are good questions.  And ones I can’t really answer. Thirty days is just not enough anymore to complete everything I want.

I bought the Groupon for Bikram Yoga, which I fully intend on using very soon and on my next weekend day off I am totally going on the yoga hike.  Which leads me to this very predicament.  I like doing yoga.  I like baking, and running, and working out, and writing, and community service, and I just can’t stop doing anything.  There is so much carry over that it leaves very little time to add something new.  But this is okay.  This is actually what I love about this project.  I was worried I didn’t know what I really wanted to do, but now I don’t now what I *don’t* want to do.  I’m enjoying everything so much, which is pretty much my outlook on life in general right now.

So, what’s next ?  ?  ?

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