July – Photography

I’m looking at the blank screen and trying to think of an entertaining story as to why I chose photography as a focus this month. There are several reasons why this is something I’ve wanted to do… I want to make my blog more visually interesting (as I feel my words don’t always convey as much as a picture might.) I want to capture memories and have them forever. Photos, particularly digital, have no foot print and take up zero space in my life. They are an easy way to recall a moment, memory, or feeling. I look back at all the pictures of my life. When I held my baby sister, when my mom graduated college, when my nephew was born, when I partied in Vegas til 6am, when I ran a half marathon, when I met Tom Skeritt (that’s an inside joke for anyone who’s seen Ted.) The point is I look at these pictures and I remember where I was and what I was doing and how it felt. I know I’m not going to become an amazing photographer in thirty days, but if this month helps me to remember to take more picture then I’m in.

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