Take a Closer Look

Okay, so first thing is first.  What do I usually spend?  What did I spend last month?  What’s a good target?  Good thing I use my debit card everywhere and can track how much I usually spend on everyday things.  Time to sit down and figure this stuff out.

Holy shitballs! I went to concerts, got lunch out at work, got coffee a couple times a week, shopped very promiscuously at Whole Foods, enjoyed happy hour a several times a week, and spent a total of $942.63 on food, drinks and entertainment last month.  WHAT!?! This is going to be a good place to start Budgeting Month.  I am going to put myself on a goal of $200 for the whole month of April for groceries and going out.  It will be a lot easier because my fridge and pantry are already filled with tons of crap I haven’t even looked at since I bought it.