Best Of – Crafty Project

Oh, how I love me some crafts!  Christmas is right around the corner and I want to make something special for Mr. Adventure.  Something that is unique and thoughtful and fits his personality.  I want to encourage his mountain climbing and adventurous (redundant) spirit.  I decide to give him the world.

I bought a world map wall decal from Target for $20.  Took the measurements to the Rebuilding Center and found a perfect old window for $2.  Cleaned it up and installed the decal.  It was pretty tough to get it on straight; it’s a huge sticker.  I attempted to get most of the bubbles out but some are there for good.  Then I found some different stickers to go along with the map – a heart for Oregon, green triangles for the mountains he’s climbed, silver triangles for the peaks he wants to climb.  It turned out so cool, I want to make another one for myself!


In Retrospect of Crafty Month

As per usual, 30 days is just not enough time!  I finished a large suitcase project I’ve put on hold for about 2 years.  I revamped a window pane that I’ve been hoarding for a while.  I bought a lamp for $6.99 from Goodwill that I painted before realizing it doesn’t work.  Then I threw it away in annoyance.

But fear not, dear reader.  My little sister is getting married and I’ve volunteered to assist in crafty decorating.  So more craftiness is on the horizon!

The Window Pane Project

About 6 months ago, I bought a salvaged window pane from the ReStore.  It was $15, I think?

Window pane

I thought it was really cute, but I had not idea what to do with it, until I went to The Craft Warehouse.  There were two aisles devoted entirely to making your own organization boards.  Peel and stick chalkboard and dry erase paper, calendar inserts, recipe and menu planning, magnet boards, cork/magnet board combos… I was overwhelmed with choice.  Decided to get two chalkboard pages, two metal strips for magnets, and make my own calendar.

photo (58)


There are 6 panels on the window, so I was going to use the actual window panes for dry erase markering.  I cut out the exact shape of the pane in the chalkboard paper and stuck it right on.  I glued the metal strips directly to the window.  I made a blank 5 week calendar and taped it on the back of the window panel, this way I can write directly on the window and erase or change easily.  I found random hooks in my toolbox and screwed them to the bottom of the frame.  I also had to install the wire hanger, which was also in my toolbox, but you can get at Home Depot.  Done-zo!

photo (56)

The Suitcase Project

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that I love suitcases.  Most any suitcase, but particularly the hard case Samsonites and small top handle train cases.  I snatch them up any time I see them at Goodwill and hoard them in the back of my closet.  Usually they are pretty gross.  Super smelly and who knows how many years old.  Once filled with a stranger’s dirty laundry and exploding makeup, why would anyone see such a treasure?  Well, I don’t know.  It’s definitely weird.  I guess something about them makes me nostalgic.

What do I do with all these suitcases, you ask?  First, I completely gut them.  Get all that smelly, stale, grandma fabric outta there.  Once it’s empty and cleaned out, there’s a clean slate to paint, decoupage, or adorn the inside and outside any way you want.  When you’re done, just slap on a coat of varnish and you’re clear for take off, Lady Baltimore.

I found a set of three suitcases several years ago and completed 2/3.

Suitcase Project 2

This one was Day of the Dead inspired.  Sugar skull on the front and a French toile fabric with skeleton people.

photo (59)

This one I made for my favorite 3 year old.  It’s Swedish horses.

photo (60)

The third suitcase that came with this set was never finished.  I started to paint it black, but never completed it.  Until now.  (Please begin playing Europe’s The Final Countdown now.)

I had to sand off a lot of the black paint I applied about 2 years ago.  Then I painted it white with an outdoor latex paint I had left over from another project.  The I used Modge Podge to adhere a postcard themed wrapping paper from The Paper Source to both sides.  Used ribbon to border the paper and wrap the handle.  Hot glued some buttons to go with the sewing motif from the lining.  And voila!

photo (61)


photo (62)

photo (57)

I really need to work on getting in-the-process pictures.

February – Crafty Projects Month

There is something about February, and winter in general, that makes me want to stay inside.  The sun is only out for brief moments and I want to follow suit. I want to flip the switch that turns my fireplace on and drink some tea.  Perfect timing for some indoor activities.  Half finished projects fill almost every closet of my apartment.  Things I bought or held onto for months (or years) that I knew I could do something with someday.  I know I won’t be able to finish all my crazy projects this month, but I can at least make a dent.