The Window Pane Project

About 6 months ago, I bought a salvaged window pane from the ReStore.  It was $15, I think?

Window pane

I thought it was really cute, but I had not idea what to do with it, until I went to The Craft Warehouse.  There were two aisles devoted entirely to making your own organization boards.  Peel and stick chalkboard and dry erase paper, calendar inserts, recipe and menu planning, magnet boards, cork/magnet board combos… I was overwhelmed with choice.  Decided to get two chalkboard pages, two metal strips for magnets, and make my own calendar.

photo (58)


There are 6 panels on the window, so I was going to use the actual window panes for dry erase markering.  I cut out the exact shape of the pane in the chalkboard paper and stuck it right on.  I glued the metal strips directly to the window.  I made a blank 5 week calendar and taped it on the back of the window panel, this way I can write directly on the window and erase or change easily.  I found random hooks in my toolbox and screwed them to the bottom of the frame.  I also had to install the wire hanger, which was also in my toolbox, but you can get at Home Depot.  Done-zo!

photo (56)

8 thoughts on “The Window Pane Project

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  3. I like this and was wondering about the magnet strips. I can’t find them. Do you have any ideas on where I may find them? We have Hobby Lobby, Michaels and some other stores. I even looked on Amazon and couldn’t find anything. Any advice would be helpful.

    • Hey Danielle!
      You just attach any magnetic metal. You can find strips and squares of steel composite in most craft stores. Just grab a magnet and see what it sticks to. I’d love to see a pic of your finished project 🙂

    • I used a ruler and t-square to make a 7×5 grid on a blank sheet of white paper. Then I just adhered it to the back side of the window facing forward. That way, when you use makers, you are just marking up the window pane. It also makes it easy to change out the design as needed.

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