Bike Ride – VI

Last ride of the month.  Time to go big.  Want to get more than 20 miles in one shot.  It’ll be my longest bike ride yet.  I bring along PBM just in case his personal bike mechanic skills are required and also because he’s kinda cool.

Meet him outside PAM and jet across the river to hop on the Springwater Corridor.  This is a bike/hike/walk path that starts on the Eastbank Esplanade and goes all the way to Gresham.  It’s a really easy path, crosses intersections rarely and has very minimal elevation changes.

We take it out to mile marker 12.5 so that we can hit an even 25 miles.  This was around SE 128th Street.  Not quite to Gresham, but good enough for me.  Took a short water break and headed back to town.

mile post 12.5


On the way back, PBM commented that it was nice to take it slow and have time to take in the scenery.  I was pretty sure we were going fast until that point.  My legs felt a bit like jell-o and every time we had to stop, it was increasingly more difficult to start up again.  The ass pain was back and I shifted frequently to find a more comfortable position that didn’t exist.

When I got home and mapped our route, it turned out to be 25.97 miles in a little over 2.5 hours.  I was almost slightly heartbroken that it didn’t reach the marathon length, but I guess that’s a goal for next time.  25.97 miles is a new record for me.  A record that signifies the distance my own exerted energy can take me in literal miles.  My own exerted energy has taken me a lot of places and has done a lot of amazing things, but this is a quantifiable figure.  An immediate gratification for a thoughtful and physical endeavor.  And it wasn’t that hard.  I can do two times that distance, after a bit more practice I imagine.

Bike Ride – Part I

After I got my bike fixed by my hunky bike mechanic friend, we took it out for a jaunt around the neighborhood.  Not a very long ride, but enough to wake up the next day with the sorest butt cheeks I’ve ever had.  It was a sort of pain that made me wince a little every time I took a seat, which must be explained to coworkers in fear of their vivid imaginations taking uncontrollable leaps to the ridiculous and/or raunchy.

It was a soreness that lasted well through the following day when my squatter housemate and I went for another ride.  A pain that slightly subsided after a few happy hour drinks.  And then subsided some more the day after that when I went on an even longer bike ride!  Who’s laughing now, ass pain?

Get a sweet bike

Good thing I made a friend who’s been in the bike business for his entire life.  Good thing he’s generously offered to assist in goal numero uno – get a sweet bike.

He found a mixtie on Craigslist that he loved.  I don’t know jack about bikes so I took his word for it.  This bike was pretty sweet looking, though.  An old Frenchie from the 70s.  Meet Rue.


Too bad the first time I took ‘er out around my neighborhood the back wheel went wonky and I had to carry her home.  Did I mention I have a bike mechanic friend?