Went to the bike exhibit at the Portland Art Museum this morning.  Pretty excited there just so happens to be a bike exhibit during bike month.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been to an exhibit here and was surprised at the $15 admission fee.  The exhibit took up one very large room and had 40 different bikes hanging from the ceiling with descriptions of how they broke the bike mold or influenced different trends.

I was hoping for more.  I had thought it would be an evolution of the bicycle.  Not to say that it wasn’t informative and cool to see, because it was.  There were several bikes built to fold in half or more to be used as carry-on luggage or be hurled out of an airplane for military use.

PAM Cyclepedia


That yellow tandem “buddy bike” can only be used with two people.  The one on the left controls the steering even though they both have independent handlebars.  There was also one so rare and priceless that was blinged out with a gold chain.  So fancy!

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Bike Ride – Part I

After I got my bike fixed by my hunky bike mechanic friend, we took it out for a jaunt around the neighborhood.  Not a very long ride, but enough to wake up the next day with the sorest butt cheeks I’ve ever had.  It was a sort of pain that made me wince a little every time I took a seat, which must be explained to coworkers in fear of their vivid imaginations taking uncontrollable leaps to the ridiculous and/or raunchy.

It was a soreness that lasted well through the following day when my squatter housemate and I went for another ride.  A pain that slightly subsided after a few happy hour drinks.  And then subsided some more the day after that when I went on an even longer bike ride!  Who’s laughing now, ass pain?