August 27 – Bouldering II

Katie and I have squandered the first week of our two week membership to the Circuit Gym.  We go today after work to see what I can do if I don’t play racquetball immediately prior.  I am definitely better, but it’s still one of the hardest things I’ve ever physically done.  The upper body strength necessary to maneuver is admittedly much more than I currently possess.

That said, it is still crazy fun.  When you do get to the top and make it all the way over, you definitely get a feeling of instant gratification.  I made it over this wall.  I pushed myself higher (literally, get it?)  I landed on my feet and I am still in one piece.  I am tired and drained and my arms feel like they might fall off, and my fingers feel like they are dragging on the ground behind me, and I’m scared because I could’ve fallen.  But I didn’t.  And it’s awesome.

Afterward, we rewarded ourselves for a job well done with some Vietnamese food and cocktails at Luc Lac.  I love working hard!

August 21 – Bouldering

Me Oh My!  Two random sports activities in one day?!  Yes, I am that hardcore.  Bought a Groupon for an Intro to Bouldering class at the Circuit Gym.  It came with a two week membership for two.  Bouldering is a lot like rock climbing except you are not harnessed in and it is not necessarily about getting to the top, but how you get there.

I went with Katie to the class at 7.  It was taught by this super-fit hippie/stoner/skateboarder/climber named Shane.  He was crazy informative and I learned the names of holds and different ways of climbing.  So, now I can say things like, “you should match your foot and grab that juggy shelf.”  I know how impressive that sounds.

We went up a couple times with varying difficulty.  It starts with B for beginner, then zero all the way to 9.  I could not get up the 1 level.  It is freakin’ hard.  And also, my arms were like jello from playing racquetball for two hours earlier today.  Can’t you tell I’m a great planner.

Anyhoo… here are some pictures!