Bike Ride – IV

Finally got my bike fixed and she’s running like a champ!  Good thing because my bestie from Burque flies in today and we’ve got a whole day to roam the streets looking for trouble.  After a very satisfying and coma-inducing brunch, we set off on our bikes (one she’s borrowed for the day from my former squatter housemate) to Mount Tabor.  This is the tallest peak in Portland and an active volcano.  We make it about halfway up before we realize that there is going to be no foreseeable break in the incline.  So we walk up the second half.  Don’t judge.

It’s a beautiful view of the city and we hang up top for a bit.  She poses at the top of the stairs that lead to nowhere.

yoga pose mt tabor

We rocket down the hill, riding our brakes most of the way and still going way too fast.  Grab Italian Sodas and walk our bikes to practice some vinyasa at Mandala Yoga on Belmont.  It was an amazing class.  We take it slow on the way back to my place, relaxed and tired from a fun and stress-free day of bikes, yoga, and conversation.  Finally, some tacos and margaritas finished off the best day of the year.


This might not seem like a huge milestone or something that should be new to anyone who is (cough) 30 years old.  But it’s new to me, so shut your mouth.

My mom was nice enough to gift me her old electric lawn mower which is perfect because filling a gas can and doing that whole thing seems really lame.  Mowing a lawn with an electric mower is kinda like vacuuming.  You gotta take care to not run over your cord and the you can never seem to get close enough to the wall.

I might’ve waited to long and the grass was crazy high.  So high, it wasn’t getting sucked into the bag.  Just laying damp in grass-stainy clumps on the ground which may or may not have ruined my Nike Cortez’s.


July – Backyarding

Okay.  Okay.  I know I haven’t updated you folk for a while.  Here’s the rundown of my last few months.  I bought a house, moved into it, and, uh… well that’s pretty much it.  It’s pretty freaking time consuming, ya know.

So, this month is all about getting my backyard furnished and learning how to care for the slew of greenery that the previous owners were kind enough to cultivate for me.  I have mowed a lawn maybe once in my life and have killed more plants than I’ve saved.  So, I should probably learn how to, at the very least, keep these things from dying.

Goals this month:  Make a daybed for my patio.  Mow the lawn and keep it from dying.  Plant an herb garden.  Get my outdoor fireplace working.  Get table and chairs for the fire pit.  Buy a grill and use it.  Figure out outdoor speaker system and lighting.