In Retrospect of Snow Sports Month

As usual, lots of things I didn’t get to accomplish and still want to do. Snowshoeing is definitely one of those things.  A recent recommendation of making a snow angel is also something that sounds super adorable and fun.  So, there’s still a few good months of winter left and I might just be able to sneak some more snowy adventures in.

There were also really awesome things that I did get to do.  I went up to Mount Hood for the first time.  Went cosmic tubing and zip lining and had a freaking blasty blast.  Went ice skating on a lady-date.    And… uh… bought a groupon to take a snowboarding lesson… and… bought some winter gear…  um… okay, I guess that’s it.  But what I did do was pretty awesome, so BOOM!

January 29 – Ice Skating

Bought a Groupon for ice skating at Lloyd Center.  It was $10 for two people with skate rental. Took my “special friend” Katie.  (Side note: this is her new nickname and she will forevermore be referred to as such.  Mainly due to my coworkers thinking I might be a lesbian because of all the lady-dates we go on.  Oh, and maybe also because I brought power tools in to work to install a bulletin board, but whatevs.  It’s probably the lady-dates.)  First things first.  Time to lace up!



Ready to roll!  It’s been about 20 years since I’ve put on ice skates, but it did come back pretty quickly, after some stumbles.


We skated for about an hour, then stood enthralled as the Zamboni made it’s graceful loops around the rink.  Why can I not look away?!?  Skated for another half hour or so and asked three different people to take our picture before winding up with something that was acceptable.


Ice skating was really fun and a good workout.  Taking your skates off at the end feels incredibly awkward and I was immediately sore.  But I did get a good Toe Pick in!

January 11 – Hockey

Obviously, I didn’t play hockey. Although the thought of me attempting to ice skate, hold a stick, follow a puck around, and not spend the entire time on my ass would’ve been something to see. Alas, Katie took me to the next best thing… Great seats at a Portland Winterhawks game. It was a blast. Yelling, cheering, and the surprise of knowing all hockey players look like they just started shaving. We won 5-2, making 4 goals in the third period. Pretty awesome.

January 2 – Gear

First thing’s first.  Gotta load up on snow gear.  I’ve always borrowed from friends or my mom and now I gotta finally break down and buy it for myself.  It’s cool.  My bestie works at Columbia Sportswear and I get a friends and family discount.  Word up.  It’s still ridiculously expensive, but it really is the best.

Check out my spread!



I got snow pants, snow boots, gloves, and an awesome jacket for about $250.  I will keep renting skis and boots for now.