September 10 – Dodgeball

A good friend is a kickball/dodgeball fanatic.  He plays on several teams all year long.  He invited me to a pickup game tonight.  It was mainly people from the Recess Time League who were there to practice before the new dodgeball season really started.  I was the only one who was playing for the first time (since grade school.)

OMG, who knew there were so many rules?!  There were several times that I thought I was out but my team all yelled at me to stay in.  Okay, sure.  But… uh… why?  Apparently, if someone catches the ball after it hits you, you aren’t out.  If the person who threw the ball that hit you gets out before the ball hits you, you aren’t out.  If you block the ball with another ball, but it still hits you, you aren’t out.  This may lead you to believe that I spent a lot of time not being out.  Au contraire mon fraire.  I spent A LOT of time being out.

It’s really hard to try to hit someone without making it extremely easy for them to catch the ball and get you out.  I got my balls caught a lot (that’s what he said.)  I got hit with balls a lot (that’s what she said.)  And I even took a ball to the face (no joking, this is serious.)  I was looking right, and smack from the left came a dodgeball squarely on my face and neck.  My ear starting ringing and my eyes got blurry.  Some guy comes over to me and shakes my hand and apologizes for pegging me.  No problem, dude.  But why are there two of you?  I am still bummed I don’t have this on video.

So I got about 3 or 4 people out, and one of them was a really good player.  I caught a ball and got someone out while getting to bring another player on my team back in.  I am really sucky at throwing and kept getting my balls caught and got a bit frustrated.  When we left, my friend tells me that I did really good… for my first time… for a girl.  Fuck yeah.