International Cuisine – Brazil Night

Everyone always asks how I choose what to do. Truth is: I don’t. I’m heavily influenced by the people and things around me. Friends who are into something and want to show it to me. Local events and weather. General time and/or money constraints. So when I sat down at dinner on September 30th with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do for October, I was urged to make a freaking decision already by a pretty amazing man, T-Payn.

I pulled out the Note on my iPhone that I’ve been jotting randomness in for, well forever to see if anything looked interesting. I’ve crossed a lot off my original list already. It’s been almost 3 years! Then I see “international cooking.” It’s social. It’s fun. I can entertain at my new sweet house. I can incorporate T-Payn in my 30 day adventures!

So, Brazil Night. Don’t ask me why I chose Brazil first cus I don’t know. I just did. It sounded interesting. Looked online at staple foods and recipes and found a couple that I thought I could make pretty easily.

Here’s what I made:
Shrimp fritters (acaraje)
Fish stew (Moqueca de Peixe)
Coconut flan (quindim)

A friend brought over cachaca, a Brazilian liquor (which was terrible, but very thoughtful,) we lit a fire outside, and watched the first 20 minutes of The Boys From Brazil on the projector before we realized it had nothing to do with Brazil.

Somehow, none of us managed to capture photos of the dinner. But we did get pictures of dessert.


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