…In Bike Related News

Because I’ve been sick for a week and PBM hasn’t fixed the damage done to my beautiful two-wheeled machine, here’s some random stuff about bikes!

There’s a bike barn in North Portland that fixes bikes or strips them down for parts.  Welding chain links together to make belt buckles and other random re-purposed stuff.  Check out their stuff. http://www.etsy.com/shop/RhythmicMetal

There’s a bike exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.  http://www.portlandartmuseum.org/special/cyclepedia

Bikes played a pretty significant role in the feminist movement. Seriously.  Look it up.

There’s a pretty sweet app called Portland Bike that tells you the easiest way to travel by bike without getting run over.  It’s $0.99 and totally worth it.

Next month is the Bike Commute Challenge to see what company in Oregon can have the most amount of people take their bike to work. http://bikecommutechallenge.com/

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