September 12 – Hot Yoga

I’ve had a Groupon to do hot yoga for a few months (um, I guess since yoga month, naturally.)  I finally got to use it today.  It is for 10 classes, but I have to take them all within 3 weeks (spoiler alert: probably not gonna happen.)

The class was held at Hot Yoga For Life and they have two locations in the Portland area.  It was already pretty hot outside but when I walked into the studio, I was instantly sweaty.  It wasn’t sauna-like as I had imagined.  Just hot.  Effing hot, to be exact.  My feet and hands were slipping all over my yoga mat and I noticed the more seasoned hot yoga-ites brought large beach towels to drape over their slippery mats.  Next time, Abbie, remember to bring a beach towel (additional spoiler alert: probably not gonna happen.)

So, in summation, if you like heat and yoga then it’s for you.  If you like neither, steer clear silly.

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