Random Sports Month

This month is getting off to a late start, but I think I had already decided to turn it into a 2 month project, so now I just have a month and a half.

Random Sports month started when I was talking about turning 30 later this year. I think I said, “I better skydive or something before then so I can be sure to say I did some crazy shit in my 20s.” So, it started with skydiving… and then I added shooting a gun, and archery, and bouldering, and then the list of randomness continued. Pickleball, racquetball, kickball, cricket, and bocce ball. And then came all the things I couldn’t finish during yoga month… bikram yoga, yoga hikes, and barre. Hopefully, I will also be able to squeeze my krav maga groupon in there somewhere.

So, as per usual, I have a ton of stuff I want to do and not a lot of time to do it in. Oh, also I decided I want to rent a convertible and drive it to the coast before the end of summer. Anyone else got any random sports ideas?

Crosby Daniel Collier

hello beautiful. somewhere beyond the distant stars did you ever see me in those faded memories there’s something surrounding me and you and all the in betweens maybe simplicity maybe it’s the everything that we could never understand the things I’ve dreamed for you still shaking from these hands here we are trapped in the infinite beginning all over again I never learned to apologize; I could never look into your eyes just throwing wishes into skies of wasted nights turning into years again trembling in my fears I’m growing older with you the beautiful universe of you in me somehow makes me stronger; While wandering through our flowered minds please consider me in the moments of time when I tried not to stumble in all the things I’ve learned lost in stale pictures I’ve chosen to burn I remember your smile some petty photograph so hard to define or pretend it’s just another thing that’s easy to hide behind thoughts that are broken yet sometimes collide in my collection of things you taught me with what I’ve never learned lingering before me in the wind and the trees…

-Crosby Daniel Collier